Photography Workshop, with Bonnie Block

Friday, April 17, 2020, 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Location: Gardiner Community Center
Price: $75.00
Class limit: 12

Come and join renowned bird photographer, Bonnie Block for an instructional class and shooting session at a feeding center just outside Sequim. Please bring your own digital camera(s), preferably with 200-300mm (35mm equiv) or more zoom capability. Bonnie will give us her best advice on where and how to shoot great bird pictures and then take us out to practice with her help. Even in the rain the birds will need to eat, so come prepared with your camera and rain gear. We will have classroom instruction in the morning, a lunch break with provided sandwiches and drinks and then go on site to do some shooting. Then we’ll return and discuss captured images. Bonnie will also talk about post processing. This class is limited to 12 people, so everyone should get a chance for some personal time with Bonnie. Sign up soon for this great chance to work with a terrific teacher and photographer

Bonnie was the Grand Prize winner in the 2016 Annual Audubon Bird Photography Contest with a magnificent picture of an eagle coming in to poach a fish from a heron.
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